Sailor Scouts

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Sailor Moon was such a huge part of my childhood that the Sailor Scouts were one of the first groups I finished when I starting crocheting - and she's still one of my absolute favourite designs. If you're not afraid of a challenge, try your hand at it!


November 27, 2016


November 17, 2014


November 9, 2015

Ser Pounce-a-Lot

January 29, 2017


September 13, 2014

Amigurumi 101

Beginners guide to crochet

Learn everything you need to get started crocheting - an introduction to the building blocks, the tools you'll need and some simple starting patterns.

You'll be hoarding wool in no time!

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This little guy is an adorable addition to any desk! I'm pretty sure he spends the day dancing, I've just never been able to catch him doing it.

Suitable for beginners, though be warned, the small limbs and hair can be a little tricky.