Slip knot

January 1, 2013

Once you get the hang of the crochet slip knot, they’ll be second nature! Loop your yarn like this – so the tail end (the end that is cut) is behind the working yarn (the end attached to the yarn ball).

Pinch the section where they cross over.

Reach through the circle (front through to back) to pull the working yarn through the hole.

Pull the tail end so that the loose knot tightens.

There you go!

Put it onto your hook and pull the working yarn to tighten.

You use a slip knot to start almost a lot of crochet pieces, although a magic circle might be more common for amigurumi projects. Either way, with time you’ll get a lot of practice! Some of my patterns that use slip knots are things that start with chains – such as Vaporeon’s or PuppyCat’s collars.

If you prefer learning through video, check out our tutorial on Instagram.