Front loop only

January 1, 2013

Picture of a single crochet pointing out which is the front loop and which is the back loop

A front loop only stitch is the same as a regular stitch, except instead of going under both loops of a stitch, we’re going to go under only the front loop (as the name suggests). Remember, the “v” shape forms a stitch – for the front loop only stitch, go through the half of the v that is facing towards you.

Crochet hook inserted into the front loop only

This stitch can be useful to help shape some of the items I make. For example – it makes a great hat brim, because it helps the yarn “turn”. You can see examples of this in the Tony Tony Chopper pattern for his hat! I also use it in the neck and waist of some dolls to help create a structured cinch for rows that have increases or decreases on either side.

If you prefer learning through video, check out the tutorial we have of this stitch in motion over on Instagram. The sister stitch to this one is the back loop only stitch, which serves a similar purpose but helps turn the work in the other direction.

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